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Ir. Marcelino S. P. Neto

Sob. Grão Mestre o GORR


Our shield or logo mark symbolizes the State of Roraima in the center, indicating the presence of regular Freemasonry present in the extreme north of Brazil, represented here by the GREAT ORIENTE DE RORAIMA - GORR. The blue symbolizes our sky with 12 hours of daily light, being still pure by the presence of the exuberant Amazon forest. The square and the compass maintain our characteristics regarding the Freemasonry present in its regularity and strength for the fruitful works of this noble royal art. The expression " non ducor, duco " refers to the Latin meaning: I WILL NOT BE CONDUCTED, DRIVEN, showing its independence regarding Masonic power in its domains.

COMAB - Confederação Masônica do Brasil is confederate, an entity that largely holds the regularity of Masonic works in Brazil and recognition in the world as a federative entity of Brazilian Masonic regularity.

The Red of its Tab symbolizes the color of the Rite of Origin, as well as its independence regarding its powers in the State in which it is found.

Grand Secretariat-GORR

Grand Secretary

Go . Marlon Gomes de Moura - 18th REAA .


Great Treasury

Great Treasurer

go. Quefren de Paiva Lustosa - 4th REAA


Grand Master

Brother Marcio R. Leandro de Souza - 33rd REAA


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