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What is GORR?

GORR - GREAT ORIENTE DE RORAIMA, founded on 02/07/2015, by three regular and recognized powers from GOB - Grande Oriente do Brasil, is affiliated with COMAB - confederação Masçônica do Brasil, and today has a constellation of 7 stores being 6 in the capital and one in the countryside, namely: ARLS Parima n ° 01, ARL S. Jerusalem n ° 02, ARLS São João n ° 03, ARLSEscada de Jacó n ° 04 (east of Alto Alegre), ARLSCavaleiros Templarios n ° 05 ( Emulation Rite), ARLS Duque de Caixias n ° 06 and ARLS União Roraimense n ° 07 (both being installed). has been playing its role in national and world Freemasonry at the time, actively participating in social work in the state of Roraima, serving mainly the most needy population of society, helping to raise the spirit of wisdom and discernment for those subjugated by society or public power .

GORR is an entity of public utility recognized state and municipal, which accredits us even more to philanthropic work, has an active voice in the college of Grand Masters of COMAB, where various internal and external actions are taken to improve the country itself, living conditions of citizens and the best public policies aimed at improving and fairing Brazilian citizens.

GORR is COMAB's newest orient at just 5 years old, but it is already a giant when it comes to conditions of mutual respect and recognition between potentials. Today it awaits the Signature of the MUTUAL RECOGNITION TREATY with GOB, a fact already approved in an assembly between the two powers and which was postponed due to the PANDEMY OF COVID-19. With GLOMERR - Grand Lodge of the State of Roraima, there is already a rapprochement and negotiations between the two powers, a fact that the GORR brothers expected with great expectation and to build a strong, insoluble and unified Masonry in the state of Roraima and in Brazil.

Here there is understanding and respect, and most of all the belief in a creative principle that is the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE, God and to him we raise our thoughts to gain wisdom and spiritual growth.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Márcio Roberto Leandro de Souza

Under. Grand Master of GORR

We are a family owned and operated business.

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